P T F   A R C H I T E C T S

Residential. Over sixty one and two-family homes in Seattle, Western & Eastern Washington, and California. Renovation, historic preservation, and new construction.

North Bend Theatre, North Bend, Washington. Assessment and renovation design for historic theatre.
Kittitas County Historic Museum, Ellensburg, Washington. Conservation and architectural assessment for county history museum located in a historic building.
Marjesira Inn, Vashon, Washington. Assessment and rehabilitation design of historic Inn..
Thorp Grist Mill, Thorp, Washington. Conservation Assessment for historic mill.
Snoqualmie Mill Powerhouse, Snoqualmie, Washington. Rehabilitation study of the historic brick powerhouse and adjacent tower of the Weyerhaeuser lumber mill.

Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center, North Bend, Washington. The Center is a gathering place, showcasing the story of the 453 acre site. The Farm, jointly owned by the cities of Snoqualamie and North Bend is a Native American archaeological site and historic farm.

Railroad Ave. Commercial Building, Snoqualmie, Washington. New 11,000 SF structure with retail and office space, sited in Downtown Snoqualmie Historic District.

River Project, Arlington, Washington. Nursery greenhouse, workshop and living quarters.

Gas Works Park, City of Seattle Landmarks Nomination (awarded). Nomination for State of Washington (awarded) and National Register of Historic Places (pending).
Gas Works Park Tower Study. Assessment for Seattle Parks Dept. of maintenance and repair work required for towers at Gas Works Park.

Heritage Hall (First Church of Christ Scientist), Kirkland, Washington. Column Assessment and Repairs.
Fall City Masonic Hall, Fall City, Washington, Historic Property Rehabilitation.
Snoqualmie Odd Fellows Hall, Snoqualmie, Washington, Historic Property Rehabilitation

Artists’ Studios & Housing, Seattle, Washington, Complex with three Live/Work Units.

Penang Municipal Council, Malaysia. Inventory of heritage buildings and neighborhood ensembles. Conservation guidelines

South Lake Union Neighborhood Plan, Seattle, Washington. Neighborhood character. Inventory of key neighborhood buildings and design guidelines for City of Seattle.

East Sammamish Community Park, King County. New picnic pavilion and site amenities.

Houseboats, Lake Union, Seattle. Design of five houseboats (four renovations, one new) and dock entrance for co-op dock

King St. Warehouse, San Francisco. Renovation of four-story 19th century structure for commercial use and studios.
Fire Station No. 2, CityStage, Seattle. Renovation for performing arts theater and retail development
Pike Place Market, Seattle. Feasibility studies for market arcade extension and Western Ave. Bulk Commodities Exchange. Design of Operations Center
Pine St. Apartments, Seattle. Renovation of 20-unit apartment building
Smith Tower, Offices for Washington Appellate Defender and Kim Marine, Seattle.
MacManiman Property, King County. Site planning, property covenants and housing parameters

Co-op Housing, Perugia, Italy. Collaboration with Bruno Chiotti on housing complex with retail shops
Multi-Family Housing, Perugia. Ten-unit condominium and two-family housing, collaboration with Bruno Chiotti

Ella West Freeman Foundation, grant for House/Atlas, an installation at 2011 Propsect.2, New Orleans Louisiana

Ford Foundation, grant for Mosques of Cochin research

National Endowment for the Arts, Individual Design Arts Grant for research: Seattle Downtown

National Endowment for the Arts, Design Arts Grant for CityStage

Concorso ANIACAP, Rome, Honors Award with Bruno Chiotti, National competition on low income housing

Guest Speaker, CityClub, Hanoi: Marketplace at a Crossroads.

Speaker, The Penang Story International Conference, a conference devoted to the nomination of Penang to UNESCO World Heritage status. Grant from United States Embassy, Kuala Lumpur.

American Planning Association of Washington, Merit Award. Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project.

Preservation Resource Center and National Trust for Historic Preservation, Certificate of Appreciation.

Delegate: Asia & West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation 3rd Annual Symposium 1994. Ancient Cities in Transition: The Challenges for Conservation, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Commissioner and former Chair, King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission

Historic Property Consultants List, Washington State Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
Board of Directors, Friends of Gas Works Park. (Stewardship Excellence Award received from the Cultural Landscape Foundation in 2005.)

Member, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Member, Historic Seattle
Member, Society for Industrial Archeology
Host Committee, Society for Industrial Archeology National Conference, Seattle, 2011

Lecturer on Bologna and its City Plan, Dickinson College Center at Bologna
Guest Lecturer, University of Washington College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Guest Professor, University of Washington Rome Center

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